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official site of BREAVED(Melodic Death Metal from Kanagawa/JPN)

official site of CELLADOR(Extream Melodic Midwest Speed Metal from NE/USA)

official site of BATTLEROAR(True Heavy Metal from Greece)

official fansite of BATTEROAR

official site of THE ABSENCE(Melodic Death Metal from FL/USA)

official site of ORPHANED LAND(Gothic Progressive Death Metal from ISRAEL)

official site of MANIPURATED SLAVES(Dramatic ThrashMetal from Osaka/JPN)

official site of SINCLINED(Melodic Death Metal from FINLAND)

official site of ARYAVARTA(Symphonic Metal from RUSSIA)

 official site of ORDALION(Symphonic Black Metal from Moscow/RUSSIA)

official site of EDENBEAST(Melodic Death Metal from Tula/RUSSIA)

official site of EVERLOST(Core'n Roll from Moscow/RUSSIA)

official site ofCOPROPHAGIA(Shit Enema Brutal Death Metal from OITA/JPN)

official site of VISCERA INFEST(Sick Gore Grind from Oita/JPN)

official site of ENBLUGENED(Brutal Death Metal from Oita/JPN)

official site of BORBO HACATE(Death Metal from Oita/JPN)

official site of HOLY BLOOD(Christian/Black Metal from UKRAINE)

official site of FLYING(Melodic Death Metal from UKRAINE)

official site of PHARAOH(Power Metal from PN/USA)

official site of DEMONIC RESURRECTION(Demonic Metal from INDIA)

official site of HANTAOMA&STILLE VOLK(Folk Metal from FRANCE)

official site of ]W Dark Centuries(Pagan Metal from GERMANY)

official site of ECHO OF DALRIADA(Melodic Speed Folk Metal from HUNGARY)

official site of DYING WISH(Melodic Death Heavy Metal from HUNGARY)

official site of FOLKEARTH(Folk/Viking Metal project from many country)

official site of WASTELAND(Thrash Metal from GERMANY)

official site of ANGEL BLAKE(Dark Heavy Metal from Sweden)



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